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National 3 Applications of Mathematics


This course is spread across three units :

Managing Money and Data (M&D), Shape,Space and Measures (SS&M) and Numeracy (Num)



Managing Money and Data (M&D)

M&D 1.1 : Identifying factors affecting income and expenditure.
M&D 1.2 :Preparing a simple budget.
M&D 1.3 :Developing a basic savings plan.
M&D 1.4 :Making a decision based on the best deal.

M&D 2.1 : Organising primary data.
M&D 2.2 : Carrying out simple calculations to compare data.
M&D 2.3 : Representing data in an appropriate format.
M&D 2.4 : Interpreting simple data to draw conclusions.


Insurance Simple Iinterest Compound Interest


Mean Median Mode Range
Pictographs Bar Charts and Line charts Pie Charts
Stem and leaf diagram

Shape,Space and Measures (SS&M)

S,S&M 1.1 : Calculating and using the perimeter and area of a regular 2D shape.
S,S&M 1.2: Calculating and using the volume of a cuboid.
S,S&M 1.3: Giving or following directions.
S,S&M 1.4: Working with simple patterns.

S,S&M 2.1 : Selecting and using appropriate units of measurement.
S,S&M 2.2 : Stating and using simple formulae expressed in words or symbols.
S,S&M 2.3 :Interpreting simple scale drawings.
S,S&M 2.4 :Applying a basic scale factor.
S,S&M 2.5 :Calculating time intervals to manage activities.

Shape, Space and Measures

Numeracy (Num)

Num 1.1 : Selecting and using appropriate numerical notation and units.
Num 1.2: Selecting and carrying out calculations.
Num 1.3 : Recording measurements using a straightforward scale on an instrument.
Num 1.4 : Interpreting the measurements and the results of calculations to make decisions.
Num 1.5 : Making decisions based on the results of measurements or calculations.

Num 2.1: Extracting and interpreting data from at least one simple graphical form.
Num 2.2: Making decisions based on the interpretation of data.
Num 2.3: Making decisions based on probability.


Calculations and Rounding

Fractions, Percentages, Ratio

Distance, Speed and Time



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